"Regarding some slogans around the nature of art"
Excerpt catalogue text / OM... 2003

Loulou Cherinets work connects to the documentary. It is although a documentary work that is mediated through a deliberate staging setting. Cherinet focuses on setting the appropriate conditions for her story-telling.This can be a dinner party where a number of black men dressed in the same striped jersey tell stories about their relations with white women as in White Women (2002). In Personal Politics (2003) a nocturnal car ride through Cairo relays a sensation of possibility. The five Egyptian women featured in the film where asked to say something prophetic and in an unconstrained manner give voice to their thoughts and their lives. The stories contain (as in the black dinner guests stories) subject matter of obvious micro political significance - life's private business and its intimate details are continuously connected to a political reality. These works move within a minefield of prejudice, preconceived ideas and cliches. The foreigner is identified and is allowed to speak but manages to slip away from the ordinarily offered part as "exotic", "oppressed", "good", "capable" or "evil".
In Personal Politics an intermediary process is staged where the Egyptian women's stories are simultaneously interpreted by local male interpreters, directly in the exhibition space. An alleged patriarchal order is redistributed through the act of using the men as a medium. But the whole situation does not occur as a simple turning of the position of power - the nocturnal travelers hardly give the impression of being inferior at the same time the male interpreters, through their body language, have the opportunity to relay messages concerning their attitude towards what is being said.

Magnus Bärtås